06 March 2008

A room transformed

Well, it's on its way. The office's golden fleece went to primer on Tuesday. This morning we enjoyed watching quietude (a soft bluish green) stake its claim and the study emerge as we labored. I take care of the edges, doing all the cutting in, and Tal handles the roller. We've decided not to punish ourselves, so the second coat will go on tomorrow.

My other, less physical activity is completing preparation for leading a Lenten quiet day at St Bartholomew's Episcopal Church (North Augusta SC) this coming Saturday, an event sponsored by their chapter of the Daughter of the King. The topic is "How Do I Truly Forgive Others?" Could the planning committee have come up with anything more difficult?

This engagement has been on the calendar since mid-December and, since my retirement last month, I have relished reading two and perusing several other books on the subject of forgiveness, as well as consulting the web sites of some really phenomenal organizations dedicated to the topic. I am intensely aware how fortunate I am right now. In times past speaking engagements such as this one, although enjoyable and welcome, have been stressful additions to other, regular duties and have resulted in many too many late nights and bouts of intense worry -- and even fear -- as the date approached, the clock ticking and prep time nonexistent.

Finishing the Saturday's address in advance of Saturday and not presenting a first draft will be a pleasure. Perhaps more than a single room on the NE corner of our home is being transformed.

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