01 January 2011

Image a day

It has been a very long time since I last posted to Meanderings. We raked up leaves the final Monday in November and enjoyed the company of a good friend at dinner the first Saturday night in December. Great bookends on a wonderful week.

The very next day after that dinner Tal buckled under the force of a cold like none he's ever experienced. Nothing we thought we had planned after that worked out anywhere near how we'd envisioned! Tal watched Christmas come to our home, providing moral support and sweet encouragement.

Tal's better now, though not back to his normal self. The season of Christmas is seven days old. Our Christmas tree continues to be an amazing source of delight and comfort to me. I sit with it mornings and evenings. Epiphany will come too soon and I'll have to pack it all away until next year.

Today in ways large and small we begin again. I don't have any resolutions this year. They don't get taken seriously in the long term, anyway. Seemed pointless to go through that exercise again for 2011.

The one thing, however, that I enjoy and send, continually (or is it continuously?), to the end of the list is the camera. I say I enjoy making images, trying to get onto the sensor the emotion I feel when I see something that touches me -- the angle of light striking an object, the expression on a face, the magnificence of a long-range view. But, I treat photography like leisure or fun, having learned way too well the lesson at some point in my life that one doesn't play until all the work is finished.

So, an image a day is my sort-of resolution. I'm not making it work, mind you, simply making it an intentional part of my every day. Check out those images on Flickr at 2011 Image A Day.  Double-clicking on the image will let you see it large and in more detail. 

Enjoy and happy 2011.

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