28 January 2011

Day off dreams

We all laughed.  It's Friday.  Both children were in school.  Since we were visiting, Lucia had taken the day off, her first in six months or so.  The weekend was to be child oriented, so Lucia thought it would be fun for the five of us to go somewhere for lunch, to enjoy quiet, adult conversation. 

Shortly after were were seated at the very attractive Grille Smith in the mall near Lucia and Andy's home, we noticed a child, a quiet child, seated with a group at a table near the windows.  We smiled -- gratefully.  As the dining room began to fill, however, a table just across the aisle from us became occupied by two women and a child who, let's say, made his presence known.  So much for that ... As I already said, we all laughed and had our adult conversation anyway, not to mention a delicious meal.

Lucia, Alex and Mom at Alex's school
A quiet lunch wasn't the only thing Lucia wanted out of her day off.  She wanted to make the half-mile-each-way walk to meet Alex as his school day ended, a walk that includes greeting friends and being obedient to a very clear crossing guard.  It's something Lucia's normal work day doesn't allow her to do.  That wish came true, which she shared with Mom, Tal and me.  The best part, though, and her real reward had to have been Alex's unguarded joy at spotting her in the crowd waiting outside the gate.

The day ended with at least one other notable event.  Lucia was starting supper when Alex wanted to play Wii bowling.  Guess who volunteered?  Our mother bowling in the living room with her grandson was a point of deep delight for me.  I suspect Lucia quietly gathered that sight into her memory, a treasure she can savor sweetly for a very long time.

Yes, the six-year-old "won,", but I think my mother was the real winner.
What a good sport!
And, how's this for an action shot -- with the bowler blured?

It has been a day I enjoyed.  I hope it was a good day off for Lucia.

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