27 January 2011


And, I thought yesterday was long! 

Our travel today from Mom's to Lucia and Andy's  was some 500 miles (US17 to US17A to I-95 to I-295 to I-10 to US301 to I-75).  We were on the road in Mom's Buick long before daylight.  The upside to that beyond the mere satisfaction of being underway -- something of a Tarbox tradition -- is that with minimal but adequate stops we arrived before 3:30.  In fact, Lizzie was the only one home, and in the driveway, when we pulled through the gate.  After that three more arrivals -- Andy bringing Alex in from school and Lucia home from work -- filled out the house's population for the weekend.

It is good to be here.  But, I'm so tired and the house is quiet.  Since Lizzie's given up her room and bed, I'm going to receive her offering with gratitude.  Closing the book, capping the pen, turning out the light.

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