31 January 2011

Farther south on I-75

Goodbyes and hellos today.  Goodbye to our sweet Wesley Chapel family as the work and school week began.  Hello to my mother's brother and his wife in Punta Gorda.  For Tal and me another goodbye there was followed by wonderful reconnection with our hello to a dear friend in Lakewood Ranch, wintering there from Philadelphia.

Florida's spring is significantly ahead of South Carolina's.  The maples seem to be in full bloom, showing a deep red.  It's the more local flora, however, that has claimed my attention, in particular, the palms and palmettos.

Next to Lyn's driveway her neighbor has an amazing tree, which Lyn calls a fan palm.  In additional to their dramatic shape the fronds are a nice blue green.  It's just one example of intriguing growing things I cannot identify in this part of the world.

Our afternoon included walking with Lyn, becoming acclimated to the neighborhood and its place in the larger development.  We also enjoyed the cool breezes on the lanai, each of us with a book.  

When evening began to fall so did the temperature.  I hated to have to move inside.  But, Lyn's tilapia supper dish made it all worthwhile!  Oh my, how delicious.

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