07 January 2011

Along the tow path

Today was a landmark day in our household.  Whitby and Belle went to visit the groomer!  Take it from me.  It didn't happen a day too soon, both dogs way beyond disheveled.  With the beauty treatments underway, Tal and I went to the Augusta Canal for a walk.

Although the day was cold, damp and overcast, the light was wonderfully even and the bird life in the lowlands and thickets along the canal varied and lively.  It wasn't too much of a stretch as we strolled along to imagine people, beasts and boats plying that path and canal. 

We started out at Savannah Rapids Park, which features the head gates (see below) and the diversion dam for the canal.  While the tow path is 8 miles long, ending in downtown Augusta, we made it about 2.5 miles, beyond the point that I-20 crosses the Savannah River, before we turned back.  Five miles was just about the right distance for our fitness levels.

The head gates and, 80-feet above on the bluff, the Savannah Rapids Pavilion
Our reunion with two very proper-looking dogs came after a leisurely and companionable Huddle House lunch.  BLTs with sweet potato fries and coffee.  A perfect winter Friday.

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