23 January 2011

Waiting patiently

Toward the end of this Sunday I was given a view that seemed like a present with a bright, carefully tied bow.  Tal and I were out for a walk, one of our favorite afternoon activities.  As promised by the weather forecasters, the sun had disappeared, and it was very chilly.  Walking hard hadn't made me warm, especially that vulnerable spot between the shoulder blades.  Even though I like winter, the browns and greys and skeletal trees of this time of year, nothing my eyes fell on today pleased me particularly.  Could just be that I'm tired of being cold.

As we passed on our left the now defunct Pine Ridge Plantation realty office (a long, sad story), at the far end of the building there stood a most remarkable holly tree -- tall, beautifully shaped.  I've seen it before, but never like I did today.  Green and red against all that grey and brown.  Gorgeous.  

It gets better.  I have something else to watch for.  There's a dogwood tree standing immediately to the right of the holly.  It's one of those skeletal trees at the moment, but it's a dogwood with buds.  Those white flowers against the green holly leaves will be worth waiting for and worth a good long loving look once they open.   

 Maybe it'll be warm then.

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