29 January 2011

Saturday and soccer

This time of year in Lucia and Andy's household Saturday equals soccer!  Not only do Lizzie and Alex play, but Andy is serving as assistant coach for Alex's team.  Our number one intention on rising this morning was getting to the Wesley Chapel District Park on time and with everything everyone might need -- from soccer gear to chairs for us spectators.  Success!

I hope these photos illustrate the intensity of the games we watched as well as what I takes to make it all happen in my sister's household.

Hard to see, I realize ... Andy is the big guy in an orange jersey standing at the left end of the goal.
Alex, in a really long white shirt, is goalie.


Lizzie in the forefront

Mom looks a little weary during Lizzie's game.

The afternoon included long walks, reading, naps.  Our supper of pizza wasn't the end, though.  A couple rousing hands of Go Fish (which I lost miserably) and a buzzing, jangled-nerve session of Operation pretty well finished off the day.

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