19 January 2011

At play

While Tal played a round of golf today, I played, too.  I went wandering in our woods with the camera.  Wandering with a purpose.  I was looking for vines.  Specific vines.  The kind that twine tightly around slender trees.  I found plenty. 

As it happens sometimes, what I was looking for ended up not being nearly as interesting as other things I spotted. 

Like vines not twining tightly around slender trees, but around each other. 

Like a chameleon doing a credible vine impression.

Like a view under our screened porch.

Because of a tenacious cold today was the first time he's been on the golf course since the first of December.  He is better, but his game is rusty.  His play today wasn't much fun.

Mine, on the other hand, was the best. 

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