08 January 2011

A day of the unexpected

I was to have dusted and run the vacuum today.  But, life -- plain life -- stepped into my path, and I spent a large portion of the day in a big, comfortable chair by the fireplace.  What did I accomplish?  Here's a partial list:
  • Finished both the crossword puzzle and the sudoku in the newspaper.  In their entirety, I might add. 
  • Read a book on macro photography.  Oh, how long it's been on the shelf by my desk.  True it has some interesting copy editing problems, but I learned some pretty good stuff -- evidence to follow. 
  • Took a walk with Tal, Whitby and Belle, our daily stroll on the promenade.  Crisp and breezy and clear.
  • Disproved (at least for today) that pesky get-all-your-work-done-before-you-play rule.  Or, to say it another way, managed not to enforce on myself that particular well-learned rule (at least for today).  Does it bother me that the dust is waiting oh so patiently for me?  Only a little.
The year is a week old, today a satisfying end -- and beginning.  The day, and the week, came to a beautiful conclusion.  I was a moment late in catching sight of the sunset and the pond from our bedroom window.  The photograph is a dark and "noisy," but it does convey some of the scene's drama and allure and may help me remember what a nice day it's been.

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