20 January 2011

And the winner is ...

Blue jeans.  Mine are in a sad state.  One pair of light blue, high waisted Cabelas.  Really unattractive.  Three wonderful pairs of Eddie Bauer given me years and years ago by a friend who could no longer wear them.  (I don't remember if they'd become too small or too large.  No matter.)  One of the three is now without a right knee.  Two are threadbare and nearly white along the tops of both thighs.  The back pockets of each pair are parting company with their respective seats.  All the hems of every leg are ragged.  None of my jeans are even grocery store worthy.

So, jeans.  The reinvented Lee Riders Stacy London has been promoting look good in print and on television.  One of Oprah's favorite things happens to be a brand of jeans with the intriguing name of Not Your Daughter's Jeans.  We found both today.

It didn't help that the Lee jeans were in precarious stacks and in no apparent order by style or size.  But, it was the bunched,twisted seaming in the pair we examined that made me decide to dig no longer for a pair to try on. 

On the other hand.  There was a clerk with the Not Your Daughter's Jean display.  Her interest in what I was hoping to find lead to good advice on which style to try.  Then, there was Tal's response when I emerged from the dressing room.

Two different stores.  Two different products.  Sorry Stace. 

One four times the price of the other.  Sorry Tal. 

My pocket detail could also have been studs or sequins. 

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