03 September 2010

Christmas lights

We arrived in Northport today, a relatively easy drive, although long with a few pockets of heavy traffic and of construction work. Fortunately for me, Tal felt like driving, so I was able to navigate us along our way and through various change of route. (There are lots of options for avoiding Boston!) Given Hester's situation, we did not dally at all. We stopped only twice for fuel, both stops at the convenient travel plazas on the toll road/interstates in this part of the world which offer fuel, food, refreshment and probably entertainment, though we didn't seek that out. In fact, we ate in the car as we headed this way, keeping the meal simple ... crackers, fruit and beverage.

The house and location are as I remembered them from my visit two summers ago -- beautiful and welcoming. Hester is heavily sedated, particularly today having been bathed and her bed changed during the morning, a daunting and painful activity. Her hospital bed is in the living room, looking out over the deck to the Penobscot Bay, a view she has long loved. Bill had the clear Christmas lights put back up along the eaves of the back of the house, which softly illuminate the room through the nights, another thing Hester loved.

Seeing her this way is more than difficult. I would not trade being here for anything, though. Of course we had decided that we would only say hello and visit with Bill for a short time and then go on our way. Staying here would be an inconvenience to the family and we would be in the way. Our room, however, reserved for us by Hester and Hester having been clear about it before she slipped into her deep sleep, was ready for us. Stay here we have.

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