23 September 2010

Autumn's arrival

It was two weeks ago today that I mentioned the subtle change in the weather on the Allagash River. The rain on Thursday felt different than it had on Wednesday, just the day before. With the angle of the falling water, with the chill in the steady breeze, with the way the early morning mists appeared in the trees, fall permeated the air, the river, the land. It was holy.

Although here in South Carolina the weather has shown no appreciable change as yet, the leaves littering our lawn have more to do with the month-long lack of rain than they do season change, autumn has arrived officially. This is my favorite time of year, which during my time in parish life I missed for most part, the proigram year in the diocese as well as the parish in full and hectic swing.

This fall I plan to drink it all in with abandon.

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