27 September 2010

At last, rain

My location? McDonalds in Greenwood. Tal's location? The Imaging Center next door. Since midway through our canoe trip on the Allagash he's not been feeling well, moving between two worrisome extremes: something not quite right to deathly ill. That he went to the doctor is all the information I have to have; we need to take this seriously. Needless to say, I am not at the clergy retreat today ...

It is pouring. I drove home from Pawleys yesterday under darkening skies, and after Santee, sporatic rain. By dark it was raining hard enough that the DirecTV signal was lost for a time. (Horrors) After going 30 days with no rain at all and now with two inches over night and continued heavy showers this morning, I am seeing smiles on almost every hungry (and wet) face that passes through the door -- a phenenomenon that will be short-lived, I realize, should the rain persist more than today.

As for me, I have twitching hands. Where's my paddle? It did this almost every day on the Allagash.

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