24 September 2010

The bench

Today Mom and I went to Brookgreen Gardens, so I could see the recently installed bench given by the staff and volunteers in Dad's memory. It's outside the walled garden, backing up to the Dogwood Pond and facing the arboretum. It's a pretty and hospitable location with a lovely breeze.

And, the bench is popular already. Mom and I had to wait to get near it, as we found a group of four settled in with their lunch. Earlier in the week when Mom and Joyce went to see it, they had to wait, too.

Ann Tarbox resting with Dad's memory on the Tarbox bench

I hope many people find peace in this inviting spot. The spirit of Gurdon Tarbox is there -- fervently whispering to everyone who might happen to linger that hurrying isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is my dearest wish that everyone who loved him in this life will somehow perceive that message -- whether they get to sit on that lovely, comfortable bench or not.

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