26 January 2009

Potential travel

It's the last Monday in January. I am tired of being cold and, while I really like damp, grey weather, I have to admit that I am growing weary of it -- even while acknowledging with profound gratitude that we're not living in the northeast any longer. The luxury of silk longjohns in my wardrobe not withstanding, I'm having a hard time keeping my spirits up.

Something that helps us both are conversations about travel possibilities. We have received a letter from the propritators of Shining Falls Lodge in Manitoba about our "penciled in" dates for June and we're researching a train trip across Canada and a Road Scholar jaunt into Alaska. Admittedly, although we need to choose one of the three, it's strengthening just to have the options.

I found, tucked into my journal, a napkin I picked up at a recent party at the Hilton near in the convention center in Columbia. On it are three inspiring sentences.

Travel is more than just A to B.

Travel should celebrate good times.

Travel should take you places.

At this point, for us, the mere prospect of travel is helping us keep January's gloom in perspective.

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