20 January 2009

A dusting

Snow! We awoke this morning to a lovely dusting of snow and watched the flakes fall well into the afternoon. Why is it that everything seems so quiet when the precipiation turns soft and fluffy, not falling so much as drifting? And, could I possibly express how happy I am that we didn't have to leave the house all day? Extremely happy. I padded about a bit with the camera, but that was the extent of the day's travel.

In my time outside, however, the snow enabled me to see the result of some activity that took place during our absence over the weekend. It looks like our across-the-pond neighbor bushhogged the woods next to his house. I might not have noticed had the understory not been white. I'm afraid, but won't know until later in the year, if his work eliminated the native azaleas we've so enjoyed seeing bloom during the springs we've lived here. Such is progress,I suppose -- and, I admittedly understand, our neighbor's need to do something, anything, with his time, his construction business having all but come to a halt this past year.

As in many other areas more important (on some level) than a handful of native azaleas, we'll simply have to wait and see ...

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