18 January 2009

Something for everyone

Today's outing, a trip to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, required two cars. The sexes split up with the boys in the lead car and the girls, making haste, bringing up the rear. Drawing on the new Floridians' experience with the zoo and Sundays, we went early and pretty much had the place to ourselves almost until lunchtime.

The zoo is a nice combination of animal sanctuary and amusement park, with the animals in attractive enclosures reminiscent of their natural habitat -- Asia to Africa to Florida and views below sea level and above the treetops -- and fun things for children to do and ride, the rides including those mechanical and otherwise, like this camel.

Given my artistic endeavors of this past week, I was drawn to some of the decoration, in particular, at the Ituri Forest area. Ituri, I learned, is located in the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, bordering Uganda and Sudan. It's on the high plateau, which features both savannah and tropical rainforest.

With the photographs I took, I'll be ready for the next time someone wants bowls decorated.

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