13 January 2009

New friends

For months now Tal and I have been talking walking (almost) daily. Pine Ridge Country Club is just across Country Club Road from our house, so we have the luxury of routing ourselves in a variety of ways through the residential streets and along the golf cart paths, keeping things interesting. Tal has an impressive cold, so I set out alone yesterday in an exploring mood. Rather than walking the perimeter of the course, I took a left, enjoying a dirt road and meeting new friends.

This is a view at the road's beginning, looking away from the country club. It runs for about a mile bisecting fields used for cattle grazing, after which it runs into the woods.

I'm not quite comfortable walking in the woods by myself, so here is where I turned around.

My new friends? Even though the photograph is small, you're looking at them ... the black cows on the left. Inquisitive, they come to the fence when I walk by; those on the right are more wary, even skittish, moving away at my approach.

When I sat quietly at the side of the road, this one came very close. I was astonished at the very wet nose. A split second after taking this photograph, not moving back quickly enough, I found out just how wet that nose was.

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