02 January 2009

The second day

Today has been such a nice one, this second day of this new year. Christmas music. Good fodd. A long walk in the afternoon. Time to savor the Christmas season, the ninth day of Christmas.

Along the way I spent some time working on photographs taken during the holiday.

These three are from our time with my parents the week of Christmas.

This is my dad watering a newly planted shrub along the golf cart path, a yaupon, if memory serves.

He and Mom have a rich and interesting yard, this camellia, so beautifully formed, was in bloom two days before Christmas, having not suffered the cold the nigt before our arrival. The house is graced with some of the nicest flower arrangements through the year, complements of the camellia bushes and a variety of others.

Components of the centerpiece on the table for Christmas dinner -- the cloth basket and complementary runner -- were made by Sara Tarbox, my aunt, Mom and Dad's sister-in-law. Such lovely treasures, the detail intricate and exacting.

I am aware of being drawn to small details. Those are the things I seem to photograph more and more. And, the world's simply jammed with detail, little things to notice and to admire.

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