14 January 2009

An artistic endeavor

As of the first of the year I am a member of the Art Association of Ridge Spring. I know. A garden club and now this! An artist I'm not, but they let admirers into the group. And, a few even consider photography something of an art.

The AARS (no commenting on the acronym, please) was approached by Relay for Life in Batesburg to assist in a spring fundraiser. Simple wooden bowls, purchased at Wal-Mart, were provided and we (the real artists, specifically) were invited to decorate them. At the Relay for Life event the bowls will be auctioned.

I ended up with three to paint. Armed with art supplies from Wal-Mart (guess who's making the money in this enterprise), I spent Tuesday at the kitchen counter being creative and having unanticipated fun, graduating from muttering "damn bowls" to being pleased with myself. The AARS president (one of the bonified artists) had told us that we didn't actually need a plan or a design before we started. "Simply paint something," she said. "Then add something else. Sit back a bit and see what it needs next and so on." I expected, on following that advice, to end up with a hopeless mess -- times three. As it turned out I turned in three rather smart looking bowls.

Tal, watching this process, did suggest, though, that if I had a day job, I should keep it. Oh well ...

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