21 January 2009

Board membership

At diocesan convention last October I was elected to serve a term on the board of York Place Episcopal Church Home for Children, a residential treatment center jointly owned by the two Episopcal dioceses in South Carolina and located in York SC. Board membership at York Place is a responsbility I welcome, the institution's work challenging and meaningful and its presence a positive one in our state.

Today the president of York Place, John Shiflet, made a trip to Edgefield for a visit, meeting where they live something he does with all new board members. Over a meal at the Old Edgefield Grill he introduced me (and Tal) to board duties, and talked about the challenges the institution faces given today's economic reality and how York Place is planning to weather this difficult time. Mr Shiflet is philosphical about these cycles, having lived through several of them. But, pain is part of the deal -- and he sounds ready to carry on once again.

The board will meet for the first time in this calendar year at the end of February, at which time I will attend an orientation and learn about my committee assignment. I'm ready -- and slightly scared.

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