02 February 2011

Supper in the sunroom

It's been a 650 mile day, give or take.  Tal and I started out from Lyn's at Lakewood Ranch after breakfast.  I was sort of amused by myself, my eyes lingering almost longingly on two distinct aspects of her neighborhood -- the tile roofs in a variety of colors and configurations and the numbers of lovely shore birds in the cove.  We headed south, back to Punta Gorda, to pick up Mom and begin the drive back to the South Carolina coast.

While planning our trip, the three of us had talked about stopping for the night somewhere along the way on our drive home given the distance involved.  I think, if Mom and I were to be completely honest, we suspected -- despite the talk -- that we would end up driving straight through.  Her Buick hummed right along and even with traffic and road construction we pulled into Mom's Pawleys Island driveway before 8:30.

From Charleston on, Tal and I discovered, Mom had been thinking about what was in her refrigerator.  By the time we had rearranged the cars and brought in the luggage she had a lovely, light supper under way (complete with libation) -- which we settled into comfortable chairs in her sun room to eat.  A nice, nourishing and relaxing conclusion to a long, safe drive and happy trip.

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