21 February 2011

Strong winds

Today seemed like March-come-early with wild, gusty winds.  I had to make my way once again to York for the winter meeting of the York Place board.  I did much better in terms of time than I did two weeks ago when York seemed to be pulling away from me faster than I was driving.  Travelling secondary roads, though, I had to pay attention along the way not to let the wind get the best of the car when I passed from protected wooded areas into the open stretches with fields on both sides of the road.

The drive was not all work; I was not without entertainment.  With the wind blowing relentlessly from left to right, I came upon a astonishing sight.  At the foot of a driveway leading to a large old farmhouse was a man with a leaf blower attempting to blow the leaves back up the driveway -- right to left.  There he was looking a bit like Charles Schulz's Pig-pen, enshrouded there in the driveway in a cloud of swirling dust and leaves, as opposed to Pig-pen's cloud of dust.

I guess what I was seeing was leaf blowing on the day's list of things to do.  No matter what.  At any rate that gritty man made me smile every time I recalled the sight of him.

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