16 February 2011

Like two different days

Back to Columbia with me.  Today's trip was for a breakfast meeting, a delicious one -- French toast and bacon.  The hardest part was being up and on the road early.  But late enough to follow the worst of the traffic.  No need to make things any harder than they need to be.  I couldn't tarry long in the capitol city, though.  The day's second appointment was mid-afternoon back here in Edgefield County.

Days like today feel odd -- in a couple of ways.  The meetings are fine.  I get to where I need to be and participate fully in whatever it is that's under consideration.  But, the rest of the day tends to be a loss.  The scattered down time slips away.  I don't really get into anything substantial between meetings or events.  I wonder if I don't think there's enough time.  Or, if I'm not actually interested in whatever's next on the list.

The other way days like today feel odd is this:  for some reason it seems amazing to me that I find myself in two such different places.  It feels like I've lived two different days, a Columbia day and an Edgefield day.  Do I deep down think I need only accomplish one thing day?  Oh, who knows.

I did manage between things to clean out the book bag I had with me over the weekend and my handbag.  That is progress, right?

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