07 February 2011

Just a regular day

Indescribable.  This day.  Several obligations were on the calendar, a meeting here in the morning and a doctor appointment for Tal in McCormick during the afternoon the most notable.  It's something of a rarity, though, for a day to be as purposeful as this one.  I felt in some sort of a zone.  Not rushed at any point.  Clear.  Connected.  Able to enjoy everything as it came.

Late in the day we went outside the fence to put out corn for the ducks.  There are eight residing at the head of Country Club Pond, by the way.  Quite a crowd.  I had the camera with me, knowing that wood ducks are elusive and that I'd likely not get a shot, which I didn't.  The afternoon rain, though, had intensified the colors and textures on the forest floor.  A treasure trove of richness and beauty.  I got my knees wet.  

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