12 February 2011

Door prize

It's been 36 hours since my last post and most of the CNPA meeting is behind me.  Facing the throngs hasn't been so bad.  The program, on the other hand, has been great -- and worth the personal ansgt over being here.

For the record, yesterday's program was Jim Zuckerman (the meeting's keynote speaker) and "Shooting Strategies for Wildlife" and Les Saucier presenting "Macro Secrets."  Today I took in "The Building of an Image" with Donna Eaton and Jim Zuckerman focusing on "Using Photoshop in Nature Photography."  I have pages of notes.  But, that's not the best part.  The generosity of these three people, of the folks who run the CNPA and of the members I have encountered is significant.  Their knowledge across the board has not been proprietary; every question has been met with a clear and patient answer.  Then there's the tradeshow.  Oh, very dangerous.

The annual meeting was earlier this evening.  In return for handing in an evaluation on arriving for the meeting one received a ticket for the door prize drawing.  Rarely a winner in such venues, my number was called!  Not a week-long photo shoot, not a camera bag, not a box of photo paper, not editing software.  I am the proud owner of a medium grey F-stop Gear t-shirt.  A prize is a prize. 

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