08 February 2011

Conference call

I realize that conference calls connect people all around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They are helpful, saving people and organizations travel time and money.  But, with the exception of my year on the Diocese of Upper South Carolina's episcopal search committee, conference calls were not a big part of my professional life.

The faculty for the upcoming photography retreat at Kanuga talked this morning at 9:00 EST.  With every click a new voice appeared -- from Maine to Massachusetts to Montana and both the Carolinas.   (Kathy from Missoula come on with a yawn being two hours earlier than the rest of us).

Commonplace as these calls are, I never cease to be impressed as we greet each other and work through an agenda each in the comfort of our own office or home or a Starbucks or from wherever one places the call.  I envision a web of ribbon or, given my attraction to office supplies bright highlighted lines, on a map linking us.  Holding us together.  Embracing us.

We will see each other soon.  Until then, I have my assignment.  And, I smile, still hearing those voices.

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