11 February 2011


How hard could this possibly be?

I'm a new member of the CNPA.  While in the process of joining up, I acted on impulse and registered to attend the annual meeting.  As the date approached, I didn't let myself think about it too much.

Late yesterday afternoon I offically checked in, made my program selections and discovered that I am one of 430 registrants.  This is a big meeting and I know not one single soul.  How hard is it?  Disturbingly so.

But, I went to the opening lecture on Epson printers last night.  Epsons are awesome.  Their expense is about as intimidating as being here!  I even made conversation on the way from the ballroom to the elevator when the lecture was over. 

With a huge expenditure of psychic energy it's -- and I'm -- going to be OK.   

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