06 February 2011

Simply super

Well, yes, the game was pretty super.  And even though I'd not breathed a word of it prior to kick-off for fear of jinxing the outcome (delusional to think I have that kind of power, I know), my preferred team actually won.  Something about a city-owned team ...

But, before that ... super started long before the football game.

I like the distinct shadow cast
on the second green by the tree
along with its indistinct
reflection in the water.
The sun was out all day.  After three inches of rain on Friday and total grey yesterday I found myself having to shield my eyes when I went outside, which was a often as possible.  With the air clean and clear the light was brilliant, illuminating things in such a way that caught my breath again and again, and casting dramatic, dark shadows. 

Our two walks -- one early, one late, one to and around the golf course's edge at Pine Ridge and the other along the promenade here at Willowbank, resulted in many photographs.  That activity I probably don't need to mention slowed our progress rather much.  But, Tal complained not even once!

Along the water's edge in the late afternoon
Football final or not, I'll take a day like this any time I can get it.

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