30 September 2009


People often tell me things happen in threes, in particular uncomfortable or sad occurrences. Two disasters and they're waiting for the next awful thing. I suppose there might be some truth in that "series of threes" idea. Depending on when one begins counting, however, things can happen in any number actually. Following the third event, one either begins counting again or "four" comes into play. More basically, I suppose there's no end to the ways people exercise their superstitions!

That said, milestones around here are piling up -- literally. And, so far in this seven-day period it's a three: Mom and Dad's 57th wedding anniversary last Friday and Tal's 83rd birthday yesterday. Today, as we made our way from Monetta to Aiken, our car's odometer passed 140,000 miles.

Ooh. I wonder what it means?! Other than we're on the verge of needing new tires.

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