14 September 2009

Reversing ourselves

Worship yesterday was at 8:00 and 10:00, the parish still on summer schedule. After a final conversation with the individual we were there to interview we set out on the two-hour drive to the airport, reversing ourselves way too soon and getting to appreciate our surroundings far too little.

The trip east was pretty straightforward, although we missed a turn or two approaching the airport and finding a filling station near the car rental return lot was a bit of a challenge. Although we were travelling late in the day, our initial flight and connections began on time and ended early. Tal arrived in Augusta at 11:50 to find me wearily standing on the curb. It had been a very long day; getting home was such a pleasure.

Tal has already departed this morning for Santee on a three-day golf outing. Glad we saw each other even for a very few hours. I think something might be slightly amiss with our calendar control!

Now, for the mail, a walk and lunch with a friend (at Barristers). Oh, and maybe a nap.

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