12 September 2009

Out west

While I cannot be specific about my whereabouts, Texas is a big place. So, there you have it.

Once our delayed flight touched down early yesterday afternoon it was apparent I, travelling very light, have forgotten one thing. I keep two small umbrellas in the pocket behind the seat in the car I drive, both of which are safely still there. And, it's raining in Texas for the first time in two years. Pools have been closed all summer. No watering or car washing has been allowed in well over a year. Running fountains is forbidden. I spotted a Walgreens on the way to scope out the parish we'll be visiting. So, now there will be three umbrellas in the back of the car.

The landscape and architecture are spectacular, beguiling. Trouble is, we're going to have no time to do much but admire it from the car. And, there's a second, bigger trouble: I'm the driver.

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