29 September 2009

"Grant that he may grow in wisdom and grace"

That phrase is from a collect for birthday in The Book of Common Prayer (pg 830). My dear Tal's days have increased to the point that today he is celebrating another year. Since I'm in a hotel in Charlotte, I called him while my Wolfgang Puck coffee brewed. And, at 6:30 I just barely caught him, his ride for a day of golf in Elberton GA with the Emerald Seniors pulling through the gate as he answered the telephone. Had I waited to let that wonderful first sip slip down my throat before dialing, I would have missed him.

We will revolve in two separate worlds today, both of them good and meaningful. Even with two meals, a long agenda, and a 150-mile drive home, I'll likely pull into the garage a mere frazzle before he arrives home.

I don't know about wisdom and grace, but his stamina is remarkable. How does he do it?

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