15 October 2009

From the Phoenix

I'm safely in my room at The Phoenix, "Greenville's Inn," for the start of diocesan convention at the Carolina First Center in the morning. The emphasis on safely is deliberate, the rain between Edgefield and Greenwood a deluge (with the rutted road holding lots of water) and between Greenwood and Greenville steady for most of the miles. I found myself concentrating on simply getting here. That focused state of mind, now that I'm settled (with no need to go out, having brought my supper with me), has given way to gratitude and gentle fatigue.

True, tomorrow is the culmination of the Search Committee's work: the presentation of the slate of nominees for Upper South Carolina's 8th bishop. Work continues from tomorrow, of course, but it will be the Transition Committee taking charge to plan the walk-abouts, the election, a move for someone and the consecration. My part now will be simply to participate. No more travelling, no more minute-taking, no more evaluating on behalf of the whole.

That said, tonight's fatigue actually springs from the events of the day. I made it to two meetings during the morning -- an All God's Creatures board meeting to report on the golf tournament and a pastoral call to a member of my former mission congregation. And, Tal and I enjoyed a quick and light lunch together before I finished packing and began my rainy drive. During the afternoon I missed a meeting of the Village Gardeners. Can anyone, including me, believe I'm a member of a garden club?! And, as I type, I'm missing an "After Hours" at the gallery in Ridge Spring, an event sponsored by the Saluda Chamber of Commerce to introduce their membership to individual businesses or concerns in the county. Members of the Art Association of Ridge Spring have worked themselves very hard in order to be ready to receive their Saluda County guests and I hope it's going off well.

For me now it's my little supper, a book and what I hope's going to be a great night's sleep. I want to be rested for what will likely be an emotional, albeit satisfying, tomorrow.

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