07 September 2009

"beside 'er"

Don't you sit down beside me!!!

We have spiders, specifically two black and yellow arigiopes -- one in the tea olive at the bottom of the stairs off the back porch and the other, whose web features an egg sac, above the garage window. I knew about the one at the back of the house. It's in the same sight line from the porch as the hummingbird feeder.

But, it wasn't until late this afternoon, while Tal and I were walking around the house with the person who is going to powerwash the gutters and soffits and paint the trim, that we spotted the second arigiope AND all the other spider webs. A little embarrassing, to tell the honest truth. But, it is late summer ... Even more embarrassing is my concern that power wash and paint is going to be mighty destructive to these and a variety of other creatures.

Here's one that won't be affected by our home improvements ... in tree next to the drive way. The web's a dramatic tunnel attached to the tree and a nearby flowering weed. So far, I've not see the inhabitant. Thank goodness.

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