22 September 2009

Rural driving

Our board meeting this morning at York Place was productive but longer than usual. The economic climate and ever-changing state regulations are having an impact on the census. The administration brought us to to speed on possible strategies they may have to employ to ensure York Place maintains its mission to at-risk children. A trying time to be sure and, although everyone is upbeat, it shows.

My drive home along yesterday's route was again simply lovely and even restorative. The sole challenging stretch was long several miles (life 15) through rolling terrain and along a double-yellow line behind a pickup going, at best, 35MPH. The mirror on the driver's side dangled by its cable; only when an oncoming car approached did the driver lurch to the right from the middle of the road. Welcome to the south, I guess.

Calmness prevailed, but I was grateful for the car's 24V DOHC (whatever that means) controlled by my right foot. When my chance came, I took it! The fuel consumption at such moments something I refuse to consider.

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