06 September 2009


Today we were to have been away for the better part of the day. Labor Day Sunday on Lake Murray. But, an early morning telephone call let us know that the collective plans needed to be changed. That's OK. We're adaptable. BUT, that time away included the main meal of the day. Rats! And, the ball bounced back into my court ... Truth is, I didn't want to cook anything beyond the peach cobbler (the last of the Ridge peaches for this season) we were taking with us. Oh, well.

Lucky for me there were packets of frozen fish fillets in the freezer -- caught by Tal and his son, Bruce, on one Ridge pond or another (probably Satcher) and cleaned, packaged and delivered to our freezer already frozen by Bruce. Talk about spoiled, don't 'cha think?

Anyway, a pat of butter in the skillet and the fillets dusted with lightly salted flour. One minute on the first side, one and a half on the second. Add to that a salad featuring volunteer tomotoes and left over corn bread ... Tal was utterly astounded and I was pretty pleased.

I wish all change-of-plan around here worked out so well!

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