27 June 2009

In Anchorage again

The Super 8 isn't so bad. If one doesn't spend any time in the room, that is. We settled in a bit, beginning our repacking for tomorrow's flight home, and then set out on foot for a float plane harbor we'd been told we shouldn't miss. On the map it looked to be about a mile, but in unfamiliar and somewhat seamy territory, it felt longer and more than slightly threatening. But, we made it without any trouble and found ourselves a table in the Fancy Moose Lounge at the Millennium Alaska Hotel where we had a window seat on the comings and goings at the Lake Hood Float Plane Harbor, the busiest such harbor in the world. (Seeing the sunset photo of the hotel on the web site is worth clicking on the link.) While the food was fair and the service mediocre, the activity was simply fabulous.

We're calling it a night early, everything now categorized in the anticlimax phase of the trip. The flight home's going to be long and we're both starting new books -- mysteries by Alaskan authors others in our group purchased along the way and finished before the trip ended.

Although I'm tired, I am realizing that I am surprisingly refreshed. Perhaps it has been the places we have visited or the people whose company we have enjoyed. I'll need time to know. What I can say now without reservation is that this has been the best trip of my life.

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