29 March 2009

Sunday morning

This post won't be long. I have a photograph to share.

Our observation of Earth Hour was slightly delayed on account of sun. While the rain continued to fall -- and Tal watched the news and I plugged away at the laundry, suddenly the atmosphere outside and in the house changed. Everything was bathed in an odd light, the sun having broken through the clouds in the west. I abandoned my chore and went outside to be witness to it all. Most striking, I think, were the huge clusters of illuminated yellow jessamine blossoms making their way up pine trees, against the still-dark clouds behind them. None of my photographic efforts did that sight justice.

But, after I had come back inside the light, darkening of course, beckoned me to the porch and that is the sight included here -- the sky not particularly colorful (at least to the human eye), the sky's reflection on the pond a dramatic shade of orange. This photograph was taken with a Panasonic DMC-LX3 set on program.

A result of all this wonderful distraction was that we weren't ready to turn off the lights by 8:30. When all went dark at 8:50, however, it stayed that way.

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Jane Bess Pottery said...

Beautiful photograph Janet. You should have seen the beautiful light and heavenly clouds over the courthouse during this moment in time. Amazing light yesterday evening.