04 March 2009

A two-level operation

I have been thinking about Hugh Grant in the movie Three Weddings and a Funeral. He's a rather confused, always late and charmingly or irritatingly (depending on one's perspective and preferences) tongue-tied character. His being in my thoughts startled me, scared me a bit.

And, I'm hoping not to be like him this coming weekend. Tal and I are bound for Wilmington NC on Friday morning, where at St James Episcopal Parish I will offer a quiet morning on Saturday and preach on Sunday. My writing the past several days has been focused on three meditations and a sermon. Hence, I surmise, the why of Hugh Grant's appearance in my ruminations.

Anyway, while none of the four pieces of writing are in final form, I do know what I am "going" in/for each and I learned long ago not to fret where such presentations are concerned. Any deliberate scheduling I do in terms of official writing sessions absolutely never works out. Either something demands my attention blowing the schedule completely or, when I do get my way and place myself in front of a legal pad with pen in hand or at the computer with fingers poised, the words refuse to come. So, I formulate general ideas and then wait for God.

In the meantime, though, I can to other things and today that other thing was lunch at midday with a friend at a wonderful little spot -- Manuel's Bread Cafe -- in North Augusta. This establishment is in a new planned development along the Savannah River which includes, in addition to houses, condos and apartments, some interesting retail and even garden plots. The cafe is a storefront and seats only 50, so one has to arrive early to get a seat for lunch. Today being a clear and bright, the staff had placed small tables and chairs along the sidewalk and diners choosing to eat outside did so with plaid stadium blankets over their laps.

My friend had a sea bass dish and I ate a salmon cake. While we savored our memorable, delicious food, we talked of many things, including my three meditations and a sermon. I arrived home that much more clear about my direction for the weekend. I also arrived home and repositioned myself in front of the computer grateful for the marvelous, God-given ability, which we all have to varying degrees, to operate at two distinct levels at the same time, our minds using all of our activities as grist for the mill as it were.

Had I not gone to lunch, had I stayed home and fretted and paced and hated myself for saying yes to going to Wilmington in the first place I likely wouldn't be as far along as I am now. The food, the company, the place, the conversation -- through all that I, my whole being, began to write.

Ahhhh ...

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