14 March 2009

Staying cool

The title of this post has nothing to do with what our hinting-at-spring weather has done over the course of the past two days. While the temperature plummeted from the mid-80s at the first of the week to this day's grey mid-40s, accompanied by occasional drizzle, this meteorological roller coaster is not unusual for this time of year.

My "coolness" has to do with the cause of my unanticipated blogger silence this past week. On the evening of March 4th I was working on my previously mentioned three meditations and a sermon, when the computer froze. None of the usual tricks to being it back to life worked. Resigned, I turned it off. And, hoping against hope, I turned it back on. What appeared was the ominous and dreaded blue screen, "data is being dumped" the first words that registered in my brain. Oh, woe is me. Not only was that day's work on the presentation pieces not yet backed up, there was also the question of the images I had edited and was planning to print and mount this week (post Wilmington) for next week's gallery opening in Ridge Spring.

Tal was amazed -- even awed -- at my rigid composure, as I told him of my sudden and untimely troubles. No ranting or raving. I was calm, clear and composed. Overall not a cluster a characteristics I normally display when under pressure. After placing a call to and leaving a message with my computer guru, I started the process of recreating (having in my possession, blessedly, paper copies of earlier work). After all, I didn't have any time to spare. Luckily, we have two computers. And, here I have to add that someone near and dear to me maintains if there's an item on which a person regularly depends, it's wise to own two. How right he is.

Anyway, the computer went in for service by 8:30 Thursday morning. At 10:15 Thursday evening I got the call. "There's been a resurrection," were the words that came in replay to my "hello." Whew. When we left for Wilmington on Friday morning, I drove with an incredible air of relief and anticipation, both for the weekend and for having dodge a pretty terrible bullet.

Long story short. The weekend went well, a multitude of encounters with friends from the mid-1990s augmenting the work I'd gone there to do. Our trip home on Monday was relaxed and happy.

I got the computer back on Tuesday morning and am now in the process of doing three things:
  1. moving essential data from the computer's hard drive to an external hard drive, knowing I need to have the one in the computer replaced sooner than later,
  2. looking into an off-site back-up service (like Carbonite, which computer guru recommends) for the really important, irretrievable data and
  3. printing, matting, framing those not-lost photographic images, ever grateful that they are still available to me. The show, after all, must go on!

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