16 October 2009


Tonight's dinner and "roast" honoring Upper South Carolina's bishop who will retire at the end of this calendar year was simply extraordinary. Yes, it was long, but it's been 15 years since we've said goodbye to a bishop. Three hours might not be too much to ask. And, truth be told, Dorsey Felix Henderson Jr has lovingly held this diocese together through a very difficult few years. He deserved every loing minute and then some. Dinner for for than 500 was delightful, tasty and served efficiently by the First Carolina Center staff. The big surprise was the appearance of our presiding bishop and her husband and the best moment was the Skype appearance of Bishop Henderson's now adult-with-two-children foster son. Ah, the tears did flow. Two little voices calling out "Hi Uncle Felix" was almost too much to bear.

This is a closeup taken as the evening was ending, the theme of which was fishing. (I was part of a presentation by all DEC members past and present, an unrehearsed singing extravaganza based on the mission of the diocese combined with new words to the "Row, row, row your boat" melody. Be glad you missed that!) The centerpieces featured bowls of water, filled with shells, candles and glittery little fish forms all on a circle of mirror. Lovely. Enchanting, even.

But,it's almost 11:00 and I'm exhausted. Enough celebration for now.

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