17 October 2009

More fish

Last night one of the most lovely gifts presented to Bishop Henderson (as opposed to the useful, like a fishing rod, reel and tackle box) was an icon written by an Upper South Carolina artist. As retired Bishop Duvall presented the original to +Dorsey, there was an unusual sound behind the stage and a large version of the icon, featuring what else but fish?, unrolled. It formed the backdrop for the remainder of the evening and today's worship.

We began the day with the Liturgy of the Word, including dozens of church banners, several colorful streamers and red-stoled clergy in procession. At the peace we moved into a late morning workshop, followed by lunch and the afternoon workshop before regathering for the Liturgy of the Table at the end of the day. I made this image when I paused in the worship space (which was the banquet space last night) before going to lunch. (Too bad I can't seem to hold the camera straight on vertical shots.)

I'm home now, the two hour drive featuring more rain, and have enjoyed hearing Tal's tales from his chilly early morning fishing here in Edgefield County with his son. The weekend's theme is at my every turn! I do wish, though, I were one of the ones wetting a hook.

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