25 May 2011

Amsterdam morning

I had the lounge and deck to myself for a luxurious length of time this morning -- after a memorable night.  Our cabin is on the starboard side of the upper deck, which allows us a window that opens.  The fresh air is welcome, but it came with something of a price here in Amsterdam.  A steady procession of trains.  They didn't keep me awake.  Rather, they were a part of my sleeping.  "Ah, a train," I'd think and drift off again.  I shall always remember Amsterdam -- and that double set of tracks -- with fondness.

This is the sight that awaited me when I stepped out on deck.  I am a little puzzled at the apparent sunrise since I was facing WNW.  But, it was an expansive scene nonetheless.  And, the light in the trees on the right side of the image?  Yes, a train approacheth!

And, while I'm thinking about our starboard side cabin here's a view of it.  The bathroom is at my left shoulder and the dresser to my right.  It's small but efficient, with absolutely no extra steps required.  That said, it's interesting when we both stand up at the same time!  Someone rising early getting out in the morning is almost a necessity.

The morning's travel was leisurely, but steady, taking us through Locks E12 (Tribes Hill) and 13 (Randall) before lunch.  Along the way Sam pointed out to us on our port side a good section of an original aqueduct which canal traffic used when crossing Schoharie Creek.  And, we made our way through a section of the Mohawk River valley known as the "noses," a break in the Adirondack Mountain chain that is judged to have been as important to the opening of this country to the west as was the Cumberland Gap.  The New York Thruway, the original canal, the Mohawk River and the railroad all squeeze through the same space.  A cruise ship sailing through the middle of New York state gets considerable attention from motorists on the interstate!

Looking west on the Mohawk River at the Noses.

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