29 July 2008

Which bus?

One of the things we did manage to determine yesterday, through our sleep-deprived stupor, was the location of the University of Kent (where the Lambeth Conference is being held), the best way to get ourselves there (bus) and the location of Canterbury’s main bus terminal (a short walk from our hotel). After a full English breakfast this morning (which consists of an egg, bacon, sausage, broiled half tomato, baked beans, toast, orange juice and coffee or tea) we set out for the bus terminal. There we were faced with a long bay of at least 25 rumbling buses and a single, important question. Which bus?

Just as I turned to ask a total stranger which bus went to the University of Kent, the most unexpected thing happened. We came face to face with Pam Webb and Susan Shillinglaw, members of the VTS staff and two people we count as friends! With them not only did we board the correct bus (it’s the big yellow one) and buy round trip tickets from the driver, but they introduced us to the short cut between the bus stop on campus and the exhibition hall as well.

This is the view one has of Canterbury from the bus stop at the University.

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