13 April 2008

Time away

It has been a full week since my last post. Time away from writing and time away from home. While the days were full and for most part purposeful, I do wonder there the time goes ...

Even with a thousand miles in the car Sunday and Wednesday and a wonderful, visionary meeting at VTS on Tuesday, the week as I look back on it can be summed up with the word family. Spending Sunday night with the Paul Tarboxes in Mechanicsville and stopping back by on Wednesday for coffee with Paul gave the driving a highlight coming and going. And, on Thursday afternoon, my sister, Joyce, and her husband, Ernie, while on her spring break, stopped by for an overnight visit. Having them here was simply luscious.

One of the questions I like to ask people when I have the opportunity is "When did you first feel like a grownup?" The answers are oftentimes fun, sometimes sad, generally thoughtful, and range from specific to general. Some respondants have a clear answer; others admit that they haven't yet had that experience. And, I admit, I've answered that question in various ways myself.

But, this past week, visiting with two of my siblings and their spouses in their homes and in Tal's and mine, I was reminded of my own parents doing the same thing -- visiting their siblings. And, at the time, they were most certainly adults -- to me at least. I wonder if they felt like adults at the time -- sitting up late talking, lingering in conversation at the table after a meal -- the way I have just done here and in Mechanicsville.

Families. Sometimes it seems as though they won't let up grow up, remembering us at our worst! And, sometimes without trying at all they bring us to a new place and to a new view of life.

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