14 April 2008

Flirtatious spring

Spring has been on the coy side this year, warm and cool temperatures alternating rather energetically. Yesterday afternoon Tal and I enjoyed a slow walk along the Willowbank side of Country Club Pond and in the yard. It was such a pretty day, even with the wind giving the new foliage a thrashing. I was glad simply to be walking around casually trying to freeze the action in a few photographs, unlike the golfers in a high profile, high stakes final round at The Augusta National a few dozen miles to our west.

Tal had done the mowing and edging around the house Thursday afternoon in anticipation of our house guests' arrival and yesterday it was at that just right place, the edges soft. There is quite a bit in bloom, the native azaleas demanding the eye's attention. We are making a habit of drinking them in each day, knowing how soon they will be finished. That said, we are missing the show of the southern azaleas almost all together, but the sudden freeze a few weeks ago left most of the buds damaged, giving us next year's bloom to anticipate.

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