18 April 2008

Friday -- after five

Ah, Friday. I’ve been looking forward to this for days!

For the first time since early February I’ve been obsessively engaged in two deadline projects. The word obsessively equating to chained to the computer and inundated with paper – at the kitchen counter, in the study, on the porch table.

All God’s Creatures, a local pet rescue and adoption non-profit, is sponsoring a golf tournament in mid-May and I am one among many volunteers. And, as steward for the Virginia Seminary class of 1992, it was my task to communicate with the class on the 16th anniversary of our graduation. Both projects required composing and proofreading letters, making copies, producing mailing and return address labels, affixing proper postage to dozens of envelopes. The whole mess took days. And, getting everything to the post office before five o’clock this afternoon was the goal.

I am here to report success!

Practically nothing else was accomplished all week. Simple meals. But, no reading to speak of. No photography. No housework. No exercise. No writing. No quiet contemplation.

I wish I were less prone to this compulsive approach. Things might be more enjoyable if I would work on such projects for a time every day, not make them the sole activity of hour upon hour. Oh, and I could also enlist some assistance, I suppose. Now, why does that seem to be such an impossibility to consider?

On the other hand, I am grateful that I have time to volunteer at all. While gainfully employed there was not a scrap of time for such extras.

Maybe the next project will be different. Do I hear laughter?!

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