12 April 2009

"Welcome, happy morning!"

Thus begins an ancient Easter hymn. A hymn, by the way, not much liked by most choirs I've known over the years. My suspicion is that the dislike is more for Arthur Seymour Sullivan's Fortunatus tune than Venantius Honorius Fortunatus' poetry. Check it out in "The Hymnal 1982" (Church Publishing, NY, hymn #179).

What a happy morning. We woke early, the day dawning as we watched. Day-by-day we are filled with wonder at the sight we see and, often, I say or think to myself that I should document the view. Today, before making the bed even, I did just that -- a process requiring raising the window and removing the screen. No wonder I didn't do it before ...

But, it was worth the effort. The native azalea in the foreground in all its glory, the sun streaming in from the right and the still-bare trees across the pond reflected on the surface of the water. Can you hear my happy sigh?

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